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Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.  Read more

What to expect

What to expect?

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WOD 17-01-17

7 Rounds of 3 min, with 3 min rest in between rounds

10 x 5 m Shutle Sprint

10 Burpees

Remaining Time Russian Kettlebell Swings 28/2okg    Competition 32/24kg

Build Up: Individual adjusted movement and scaled by coach.


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WOD 16-01-17

Every 2 min for 30 min

Barbell Starts from floor:

1 Strict Press

2 Push Press

3 Push Jerk

4 Thrusters

NOTE: Try To increase weight after 5 cycles ( minute 10 and 20)

Try To increase weight EACH cycle in the last 10 min



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WOD 15-01-17

21 min AMRAP

17 Cal row

7 Muscle-ups

17 Kettlebell swings 24 kg 16 kg

Build Up: Muscle – up = 7 pull ups, 7 hrpu etc. further adjusted movement and scaled by coach.

Comp: Same



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