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WOD 13-12-18

6 rounds EACH for time
(Rest “as needed” between Rounds)
250m Row
20 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 kg  Comp 32/24kg
3 Front Squats (from rack) 60/40kg  Comp 100/70kg

*Warm-up: 9 min EMOM; Min 1 Row, Min 2 KB Swings, Min 3 Front squat. Build up speed and weight each round. Starting on 70% of your workout pace, ending on or close to workout pace in the 3rd round. If you need more time to build up; use the first (two) rounds of the workout as an extended warm-up. Time left? Add another round. Total trainingtime including warm-up should not exceed 1 hour.

Build-up: Individually adjusted by coach

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