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About Us

020 mission / vision statement

In the jungle of fitness providers we OUT STAND because quality is our businessplan. The 020 coaches are competent through: (all relevant) education, experience, certificates accomplishments.

Our programming towards overall functional fitness and longevity has vision and stands out though balancing all physical principes with strength and power more important than becoming a burpee queen.

We have a well thought long term plan and an individual approach from a group perspective.

When you step through our doors you will be part of our community No exceptions.

020 is a bullshit free and ego free zone where we don’t compromise on quality of training and have fun.

The coaches stand out through relentless coaching before during and after the training session.

Our coachings creed;

All with the goal to make you the best you can be and make a difference in the big picture ….. we ARE 020.