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Erwin van Beek

Erwin van Beek began CrossFitting in 2007. With a background in Judo, Thai boxing and Fitness, he was always an active individual/athlete with an interest in physical fitness. After 2007 and more then 20 competitive years, CrossFit became his sport and fitness regimen of choice. he found that it provided a competitive environment where he was pushed to perform but also a platform to achieve an uncomparable level of physical fitness. he now enjoys sharing his passion for CrossFit with his members by coaching and mentoring at Reebok CrossFit 020.



CrossFit Experience:
Crossfit level 1, Coaches prep course, Education – ALO, Sports Academy of the Netherlands ( master degree in education), police degree Experience – 21 years of experience in Police and military work and coaching and teaching in that field from physical training to tactical training, PDR and SPEAR combatives trainer, personal physical trainer since 1997.
Achievements – “professional” athlete in Judo and Thai boxing at an international level ( from 1998-2008) with National and international titles, taught worldwide many individual, police, and military departments in Physical and tactical skills.
Qualified Regionals 2012
4Th place CrossFit games 2013 ( masters division 40-44)
17Th place CrossFit games 2014 ( masters division 40-44)

Mark Broers

Mark comes from Breda and worked for the Royal Militarry Police as a physical and Combat Instructor. Mark has always had a passion for optimizing human performance. He is specialized in giving trainees a personalized exercise.
He found CrossFit in 2008 through his drive to create healthier and fitter people. His personal growth through CrossFit drives him to share this program and community with his athletes and create the same personal growth and physical fitness experience for them. As a CrossFit coach, Mark emphasizes strength and conditioning, teamwork, self-discipline, human movement and is dedicated to help those around him improve the quality of their lives.

CrossFit Experience:
Qualifications – CrossFit Level 1
Education – Cios Education, Pdr Coach, Police Degree, Army physical Trainer
Experience – Physical and tactictal police and military training
– Police operator
– 8 years of personal fitness training.



Mark Boer

Mark Boer found CrossFit through a good friend. After many years of spending time in your typical gym using weight machines, dumbbells, barbells and cardio machines Mark experienced CrossFit which got him the results he was always searching for in spending those many hours doing cardio and isolation exercises. Mark’s belief in the CrossFit methodology stems from the personal results he saw when he started CrossFitting in 2009.

Mark is passionate about helping others achieve the same results through this proven program and has obtained his certifications in 2011 (Lvl 1), 2012 (Oly Lifting), 2013 (Prep Course) and 2013 (Gymnastics Cert)

CrossFit Experience:
Certifications – CrossFit Prep Course, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Mylogenics Practitioner (Release, Activation), T.O.P. A Trainer @Overload Principle
Education – Hotelschool Wageningen, Fitness Trainer, CrossFit Trainer
Experience – 15+ years of fitnesstraining, 10 years of coaching



Fabian Dashorst

Fabian practiced various sports such as soccer, basketball, judo, cycling and snowboarding. He started working as a personal trainer after being a fitness instructor for 8 years. He Started doing CrossFit at Reebok CrossFit 020 in 2012 to expand his knowledge, but became addicted after his first WOD. He loves the variety and competition the sport provides. In the 12 years of going to the gym, he has never been as fit and healty as today.
His goal is to make people move better, get healthier and have fun doing it. “CrossFit will help people reach beyond their goals faster and safer than they can imagine.”

CrossFit Experience:
– Qualifications: CrossFit level 1 trainer course, CrossFit judges course
– Competitor Lowlands Throwdown 2012
– Experience: Training principles at ALO, ACE Personal trainer, LAPT
– Experience: 12 years of fitness, 8 years of coaching



Hans Logtenberg

Hans is a sportsphysical and manual therapist who graduated in February 2004 at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. After graduation he started working at Topfysio and now is one of the co-owners.
Due to his professional athlete background he started his education for sports physical therapy at the International Academy of Sportscience in Gennep where he graduated in 2007. He finished is master manual therapy at SOMT Amersfoort in 2012.

In 2007 there has been a major change for physical therapist in the Netherland. Due to a change in law physical therapist were allowed to work through the skin. Hans and his colleagues were one of the first participants of the dry needling course. Since then dry needling is one of the specialties of the therapists of Topfysio. Since 2009 the owners of Topfysio started DryNeedling Skills, a certified dry needling course where they teach physcial therapist how to and especially how not to use dry needling.

Hans used to play professional basketball with several teams in the first division in the Netherlands. After retirement and some years of low level basketball a friend brought him to the 020 box and he got addicted to crossfit; a new way of training has been found and a challenge to achieve new and different goals.

Karin Weijgers

Karin started crossfit in the summer of 2012.
She was a gymnast for 12 years, started at the age of 6. After she quit gymnastics she started doing some fitness and running. While she was doing fine in running and really competitive as well, she was still looking for new athletic challenges. She started CrossFit at Reebok CrossFit 020 and never left again.
After finishing her studies in Human Movement Science she started working as a personal trainer. But while she was getting more and more into CrossFit and growing as a competitive athlete, she started coaching in CrossFit too. She loves to help people at any level of fitness to become better physically and mentally and wants people to like CrossFit and training as much as she does.

Master in Human Movement Science

CrossFit Experience:
CrossFit Level1 cert
CrossFit Weightlifting cert

CrossFit Competitor since 2013:
Lowlands Throwdown 2013-2016
Amsterdam Throwdown 2016 – 2nd
CrossFit Open 2016 3th NL / 87 EU

Dick Nieuwendijk

The youngest member of the team is Dick Nieuwendijk. Back in 2013 he tried crossfit for the first time at 020 and was sold. Before that he did various sports as a kid, mostly judo and later track and field. In his early teenage years he started working out in a regular gym but this wasn’t the thing he was looking for. Shortly after this he met crossfit, and he realised that this method of training was ideal for him. After a while he knew what he wanted to do for a living, be a crossfit coach. With some advice from 020 he started a Bachelor called Human Kinetic Technology to expand his knowledge and distinguish himself from a standard coach. Since late 2015 he is part of the team and progressively growing into a real coach.

“I love the bonds we have with our members, it doens’t matter to me what their level of fitness is. I will help every individual to achieve their goals.”

Crossfit Level 1 Course

i.t Bachelor of Human Kinetic Technology