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Feb 23 SPECIAL 2 Year anniversary WOD

WOD Open to ALL members, the more the better!

From 12:00-15:00
RECEPTION with drinks and Paleo snacks
Information about 020 future plans and the 020 CF competition group!

RCF020 going Fast Forward… there…. be a badass!! 3,2,1…..

picture: Credits to CrossFit inc. 2013 crossfit games

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YOGA Classes NOW open

Pré sign-up for Yoga classes NOW OPEN!!
go to …..Sign Up button and book your first class!

From Saturday Feb 8
09:00-10:00 Flexibility-Flow Yoga
10:30-11:30 Mobility Based Yoga

New Members:
Trial 10 E
10-punch Card: 120 E
Drop-in Rate 15 E
Yoga Membership 45 E

Costs 020 members:
Trial 10E
Unlimited E 25 P/M ( on current membership)
Drop-In Rate 12E
If you have a 10 punch card it is also valid to book Yoga classes!

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