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Ski Technique in 4 Steps:

1: The Reach – Back Straight, Shoulders at 12 o’clock, Knees Straight, Arms Slightly bent (maintaining tension).
2: The Hinge – Hips Flexed, Knees Naturally Bent.
3: The Finish – Shoulders at 10 o’clock, Pull the Handles to Pockets.
4: The Recovery – Hips and Knees Extended, Shoulders at 12 o’clock, Back Straight, Reach back up with Arms.

Aviv Aladjem
Reebok Crossfit 020
Endurance Coach

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Crossfit Gymnastics

Handstandwalk drills.

Last week I showed how to start working on your handstandwalk when you can hold a handstand agains a wall pretty well. Once you feel comfortable with moving your bodyweight from one side to the other and releasing your hand(s) from the floor, you can progress to these other handstandwalk drills:
1. Handstand shoulder taps
2. Sideways walk against the wall
3. Handstand walk to plate

Good luck!

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“Practice Running the Way You Clean”

I want you to think about how often you practice your Clean technique. Now let me ask you a question; when was the last time that you practiced your running technique?

Most of the people are taking running for granted while this is the sport with the highest rate of injuries.

When doing Cleans, even before addressing the bar, all kinds of thoughts are running in your head such as: first pull, second pull, third pull, jump, shrug and the list is long… But when  going for a run most of thoughts sums to “I hope these socks won’t give me blisters when I’m done”.

Think about running the same as lifting. Each step is a rep that you can analyse and learn from. Start slow to make sure your technique is correct. Then, go longer distances to see if you can maintain consistency. Last, raise the intensity up without pulling back from the first two steps.

Good luck and have fun.

Aviv Aladjem
Reebok Crossfit 020
Endurance Coach

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