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| Crossfit Mechanics |

The Overhead Position

In Crossfit we use different widths for the overhead position. The right width depends on requirements of the chosen exercise. There are more factors that play a role for your gripwidth but let’s take a look at it in a somewhat math like matter.

➡️ In picture 1 you can see that the grip is almost shoulder width. It does not cost a great amount of strength to hold this position, the horizontal distance from the hands to the shoulders is relatively short.
➡️In the second picture you can see the snatch grip of this person. Notice how much wider the grip is (but we need this to execute the Snatch). The wider the grip the bigger the leverage of the weight (the barbell), which means, the more strength it cost to hold it overhead.
➡️Let’s say you’re going to do some Overhead Squats. Ofcourse you can use the width of your Snatch but maybe a slightly narrower grip, as in picture 3, will ensure that you can stabilize the weight easier because it feels ‘lighter’. The result of having a more narrow grip is that lever/stress on your shoulder is smaller than with a wider grip.

➡️Now we have this knowledge, you can also apply it to other movements for instance in gymnastics. See picture 4 and 5 and ask yourself what is better? Or maybe do we need to know what the demands are for what is required? Handstand hold or a Handstand Push Up.

💥We can conclude that there is no best gripwidth, it just depends on what you want to do with it. But as you hopefully (!) understand, you can use this in your advantage.

Dick Nieuwendijk
Reebok Crossfit 020

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| Military Prep Course |

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Ivo Mureau (1990) was deployed on various missions with the Marine Corps from 2008 to 2017. He followed various training- and other courses that the Marine Corps has to offer. During his mission in Afghanistan, he trained Afghan police officers. In addition, four times, he was part of the security team of highly vulnerable sea transport to protect against piracy, around Somalia, the Gulf of Aden. Ivo has been active at Crossfit 020 since 2014 as a personal trainer and coach. And is currently a Fire brigade diver at the Haaglanden Safety Region. where he puts his experiences and training into practice on a daily basis.

Ivo Mureau (1990) is van 2008 tot 2017 op verschillende missies ingezet bij het Korps Mariniers. Hij volgde diverse trainingen en opleidingen die het korps mariniers te bieden heeft. Tijdens zijn missie in Afghanistan heeft hij Afghaanse politieagenten opgeleid. Daarnaast was hij vier maal onderdeel van het beveiligingsteam van zeer kwetsbaar zeetransport ter bescherming tegen piraterij, rondom Somalië, de Golf van Aden. Ivo is sinds 2014 actief bij Crossfit 020 als personal trainer en coach. En is momenteel brandweer duiker bij de Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden. Hier brengt hij dagelijks zijn ervaringen en trainingen in de praktijk.


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| Crossfit Endurance |

Build a Better Engine:

A lot of Crossfiters, when they train, go either too fast or too slow. It is very hard to find the right sustainable pace (the sweet spot) where you can keep on going hard without blowing up your engine. Especially because there are so many different movements in Crossfit.

Runing can be one way to develop that pacing sense. Running at different speeds and different distances can help developing a better understanding how fast you should/can go in a workout.

Imagine your self going for a run with the goal in mind of setting a new 2k PR. You’re very excited and you jump off the starting line in your 400m PR pace. After 400m guess what happens… you start to slow down drastically.

Practice your running at different distances and speeds to develop a better engine. Take that knowledge and use it in your wods. Don’t try to do an 8 minutes wod in 2 minutes because, well… you know ☝️.

Distance = Time Frame

Aviv Aladjem
Reebok Crossfit 020
Endurance coach

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