WOD 14-07-20


“Fran doesn’t like Burpees” (Compare to 19-07-19)

For time:


Thrusters Rx 30/20 Rx+ 40/30 Comp 50/35kg

Rx/Rx+ Pullups Comp Chest to Bar Pullups

Burpees over the Bar

Home WOD


Hand Stand Push Ups (or Box assisted)
Dips (in rings, on a chair or box)
Push Ups

This workout is all pushing but in 3 different angles. Make sure you keep it safe, scale back accordingly.

When you are not that strong with pushing, choose 1 movement you want to focus on more today; work a little harder on.

Start your warm-up slow and easy:

3 pushups
2 dips
1 Handstand Hold

Just work through a few rounds getting comfortable with all your movements and getting the shoulders and arms nice and warm.

Then set a timer; 3.2.1..GO!!

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WOD 13-07-20

35 min of Strongman work
(Compare to 18-07-19)

400m Run

3 Tireflips AHAP

2x 10m Hand over hand Sled pull 100/70kg

3 Sandbag ground over shoulder AHAP

2x 20m Sandbag Bearhug or Beerkeg Carry AHAP

Home WOD

6 rounds of (rest 90s in between rounds)

10-30s Handstand hold
10 Dips on bench or chair
20 V-ups (or seated tuckups)
30s Hollow body hold (or plank hold)

Make sure your space is set up so you can do all exercises safely.
Instead of handstand hold, you could also do wallwalks.

When everything is ready, set a clock, but don’t rush your movements, go for quality and range of motion.


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WOD 12-07-20

(Compare to 17-07-19)

3 Rounds for time:

70 Situps

60 KB Swings Rx 20/12 Rx+ 24/16 Comp 32/24kg

50 Alt KB Snatches Rx 20/12 Rx+ 24/16 Comp 32/24kg

40 Pushups

Home WOD

For time: use 1 or 2 db/kb or objects
(When using 1 arm, alternate sides)

A: 10-9-8…1 devil press
*200m run after each set
Directly into:
B: 1-2-3-…10 thrusters
*200m run after each set

Warm-up doing a 1k jog (5 minutes) Then practice the movements, set your timer and 3.2.1..GO!!

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