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At Reebok CrossFit 020 you become part of our community. New members receive a personal assessment and goal setting session with one of our experienced coaches; and a comprehensive “On-Ramp” program. Our program provides a complete overview of the CrossFit training philosophy and offers new members a small-group forum to learn the 9 foundational exercises.

CrossFit’s foundational exercises mimic natural human movement. Together we squat, push, pull, run and jump–with or without weight–based on your current fitness level. Exercises are scalable be and our coaches are committed to your safety and efficacy.

CrossFit is scalable to meet everyone’s needs despite varying fitness levels. We always make sure you complete the Workout of the Day by tailoring it to your skill level. Based on the idea that all exercises are universally scalable, WODs are equally challenging for all athletes – from the beginner to our “firebreathers.”

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