| Functional Mobility & Everyday Movement |

////| Functional Mobility & Everyday Movement |

| Functional Mobility & Everyday Movement |

In this series of short blog posts I will write about my vision on movement, mobility and stretching.

A lot of times people come to me with very specific questions regarding stretches, aches and pains. Although useful and helpful to address it is not what makes my heart beat faster, hence it are not the things I practice in my everyday life or what I focus on in my Personal Sessions with customers. I use a rather general approach, seeing the body (and mind and spirit) as a whole, therefore focussing on movements that hit as many of those markers as possible.

Of course I go into detail when it comes to certain exercises but it’s that different starting point, the widescreen view, that I’d like to use when it comes to making programs for a mobile, agile and nimble functioning body.

For today I would like to start with sitting.

We know we should sit less. And then we stand 8 hours behind our standing desk. Also not the solution. Adding movement to your day is what will bring the magic back in your knees, hips and lower back.
But I understand that it’s very hard walking around or do a mobility drill whilst trying to type an email or talk to someone in a very important meeting. So explore some different variations in sitting also referred to as archetypal rest postures.

In the first variation I have the toes curled underneath me, second is with the feet flat. Both are great exercises for regaining/maintaining proper ankle and toe mobility. On the third variation I have my legs straight in front of me or one leg bent, making it a great hip strengthening exercise and core engaging posture.

Play around with these types of sitting the upcoming week(s) and more variations in the next post. Let me know if it works for you and how it’s going.

– Volcmar Hellendoorn
Mobility & Movement coach
Reebok Crossfit 020

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