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WOD 11-07-19

(Compare to 11-07-18)

25 min AMRAP

6x 5m Shuttle Sprint


– 4 jumping Pullups
– 5 Hanging knee raises

– 1 Chest to Bar Pullup
– 3 Pullups
– 5 Toes to Bar

Comp (as a complex)
– 2 Chest to Bar Pullup
– 4 Pullups
– 6 Toes to Bar

Rx 20 Rx+/Comp 30 Double Unders

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WOD 10-07-19

(Compare to: 10-07-18)

A: Squat mobility

B: For completion:

“Bring Sally Up” protocol Rx 30/20 Rx+ 40/25 Comp 60/40kg Backsquat

Note: Down = bottom squat hold, up = stand

C: stretching/recovery

D: For completion:

“Bring Sally Up” protocol Rx 40/30 Rx+ 60/40 Comp 80/55kg Deadlift

Note: Down = hold below the knees, up = stand

Afterbash: Tabata Burpees

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