Suprfit Lacrosse Ball (4-pack)

///Suprfit Lacrosse Ball (4-pack)

Suprfit Lacrosse Ball (4-pack)


The Suprfit Lacrosse Ball is the smallest and simplest tool used to increase your mobility and also relieve the hard to reach muscle stifness areas. The Suprfit Lacrosse Ball is made of hard rubber, therefore it is highly stable.

The Suprfit Lacrosse Balll relieves tension after a hard and intense workout and also removes blockages through a deep massage. It can be used before or/and after a workout on your shouldersbacklats or/and hips. The Suprfit Lacrosse Ball can also be used on your calves or/and legs after an intense running session. The Suprfit Lacrosse Ball is great for those hard to reach muscle tension areas where a standard foam roller will not do the job.

Of course you can use the Suprfit Lacrosse Ball to play Lacrosse.

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Suprfit Lacrosse Ball Product Details:

  • Material: Hard Rubber
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Weight: 140 g

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