Suprfit Princess Bar 15 kg

///Suprfit Princess Bar 15 kg

Suprfit Princess Bar 15 kg


The Suprfit Princess Bar is a very robust barbell made specifically developed for women and has been designed according to the IWF standards. Our Suprfit Princess Bar has a length of 201 cm and weighs 15 kg. It also has markings for weightlifting and powerlifting without a center knurling. Its 3-point mounted bushing sleeves provide a better and smoother rotation while doing complex exercises such as transfer movements.

The Suprfit Princess Bar is ideal due to the high-quality, classy and robust design. The bushing sleeves make it a perfect bar for ambitious and determined athletes. Thanks to its high quality and durability, this barbell is perfect for competition preps and will also resist the high requirements of competition use. The Suprfit Princess Bar is a must have for all women in your gym or box.

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Suprfit Princess Bar Product Details:

  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Length: 201cm
  • Grip diameter: 25mm (IWF and IPF Standards)
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Sleeve length: 320 mm
  • PSI-Vale: 150.000+ (Pounds per 2,5 cm2)
  • Maximum Load: 450 kg
  • Material: Spring Steel
  • Color: Black / Chrome
  • Finishing: Manganese Phosphate (shaft), Chrome (sleeves)

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Weight 15 kg