Suprfit Soft Plyobox

///Suprfit Soft Plyobox

Suprfit Soft Plyobox

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The Suprfit Soft Plyoboxes enable athletes to do their Boxjumps on different heights, and that without risking an injury. Unlike the wood- and metal-variants, the Suprfit Soft Plyoboxes won't let you slip, especially when athletes are exploring new heights.

The Suprfit Soft Plyoboxes are made from durable and compressed foam with a robust PVC-Coating. Athletes, therefore, can fully concentrate on their Boxjumps, without having to have second thoughts about injuries.

You can combine our Suprfit Soft Plyoboxes together, that way you can adjust the height and go from one level to the next. The Suprfit Soft Plyoboxes are your stairway to physical success.

Delivery: 3-5 business days.


Suprfit Soft Plyobox Details:

  • Area: ca. 60 x 90 cm
  • Material: PVC & compressed foam

Available Heights:

  • 7,62 cm
  • 15,2 cm
  • 30,5 cm
  • 45,7 cm
  • 61,0 cm

Additional information

Weight 25 kg