WOD 03-04-20

////WOD 03-04-20

WOD 03-04-20

For time:

Down & Up

50 Strict/Push presses
100 Hang Power Cleans
150 Russian Swings
200 Deadlifts*

After you’ve completed the 200 DL’s go back up to the Swings, then the Hang Power Cleans, finishing with the Presses.

If you have a weight you can’t Swings, you could do goodmornings instead.

3 rounds starting with some wrist rotations. Then 7-10 Deadlifts, 5-10 Swings, 5-7 Hang Power Cleans, 3-5 Presses on each arm.

(Look at our social media stories for the technical movements with a backpack.)

Set your timer on max 40min,

Movement explanation, movement standards and options:

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