WOD 04-04-20

////WOD 04-04-20

WOD 04-04-20

7 to 10 Rounds for max Reps

90 seconds work/ 90 seconds rest

20 Airsquats (scale up to 30)
10 Pushups (scale up to 15)
Remaining time: Max Situps*

*Make sure you have at least 30 seconds left for the situps, if not, scale down the reps.

General warm-up first: 5-7 min run, bike, jump, high knees, jumping jacks, burpees πŸ˜‰
Then some hip and shoulder stretches or find the mobilty flow on our YouTube chanel and do that.
Then 3 rounds:
10-15 Airsquats
5-10 Pushups (maybe start on the knees)
10-15 situps.
This is a warm-up, don’t go super fast because you will compromise the energy system you need to hit this workout as fast as you can.
! Beginners: speed is tricky, if you are fairly new to Crossfit, scale down the reps so you can move slower. If you feel good tomorrow, then you know next time you can move faster safely.

Set your interval timer to 10 rounds 1min30 on 1min30 off…

And post your scores in the comments! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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