WOD 06-04-20

////WOD 06-04-20

WOD 06-04-20

12 min of Handstand work*

*E.M.O.M. 3, 4 or 5 Burpees, starting with burpees at the beginning of the workout.
(The Burpees shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds.)

Start with a general warm-up first to get the blood flowing… about 3-5 minutes of Ropejumps, run, high knees, jumping jacks and perhaps a few burpees. You can stick with 1 or alternate between a few.

After getting warm, we are going to activate the core muscles and open up the upperback and shoulders to have a better overhead/handstand position.
You can find the video of the drills on our Instagram and facebook stories.

Do each drill at least 3 times.

Video 1 – Volcmar:
In preperation for the overhead position in the handstand we are going to use our ‘couch’ to open up the thoracic spine. Get to the side of your 🛋 and place your shoulderblades on the armrest, and raise the arms overhead. You can increase the stretch by dropping down your hips.
Hold this stretch for 1-2 minutes.

Video 2 – Dick:
To make sure we are not going to hyperextend in the lowerback, we use this drill to “activate” the core. Walk out to your plank position while keeping your lower back flat, think of a 5 year old that wants to wack you in the belly 🖐 Lift your hand from the floor and feel your obliques working. Try not to move your hips from side to side while doing this. Alternate lifting the hands for about 1 minute.

Now that you are warmed up, try/practice the handstand variation you want to do in the workout, decide on the number of burpees, set your interval timer on 12 cycles of 1 minute….


Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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