WOD 08-04-20

////WOD 08-04-20

WOD 08-04-20

20 min AMRAP

2 Handstand Pushups (or boxassisted)
4 Dips
6 Burpees

Warm-up the shoulders and overhead position properly. Check our story again for the handstand warm-up drills by Volcmar and Dick.

Next build up from pushups to dips to handstand pushups:
3 rounds of 5-10 pushups with stretching inbetween, into 3 rounds of 2-4 dips and 1-2 handstand pushups.

Your arms and shoulders will wear out, so keep it safe and break up your sets or scale down in time!

Set your timer and 3.2.1..GO!!

Post your scores in the comment section

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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