WOD 08-07-20

////WOD 08-07-20

WOD 08-07-20


(Compare to 13-07-19)

35 min Buddy-team AMRAP

1 (legless) Ropeclimb

10 Over the Boxjumps 24″/20″

12 Russian KB Swings Rx 24/16 Rx+ 28/20kg Comp 32/24kg

14 Wallballs 20#/14#

(Tag-team style: Tag and switch after a full round)


Home WOD

20min AMRAP “Mary at home”

3 Wallwalks
6 Pistols/split squats
9 Pullups/ring rows or table pulls

Find a solid door or wall for the wallwalks. Walk up as high as you can go, keep it safe.

A Pistol is a 1-legged squat. If that is too much, try split squats, resting the back foot on a box or bench. If needed scale back to normal squats with weight or airsquats.
If you cannot do pullups/rows, try Towel pulls or maybe DB or KB Bent over Rows.

Warm-up with “simple” movements before going to workout movements.

3 rounds of:

3-5 pushups
5-10 airsquats
3-5 pullups/table pulls


2-3 rounds of the workout to see how it feels. Slow it down to 70-80% of workout speed.

Reset, take a 2 minute break, then set your timer and 3.2.1..GO!!

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