WOD 09-07-20

////WOD 09-07-20

WOD 09-07-20


(Compare to 14-07-19)

A: 10 min

“Death by” Hang Power Cleans Rx 50/35kg Rx+ 60/40 Comp 80/55kg

B: 10 min

Find your 1 RM Hang Power Clean

C: 10 min

“Death by” Hang Power Cleans (AHAP)

(Note: if you cannot complete the reps inside the minute anymore, stick to a number you can keep up, or scale the weight to continue.)

Home WOD

1:00 on – 1:00 off (for 30min)
(So every block min 1 is work and min 2 is rest.)

A) 1-10: 10m burpee broadjumps + amrap db squats
B) 10-20: 6x 10m shuttle sprint + amrap db snatch
C) 21-30: 6/9/12 push ups + amrap db walking lunges

10 min warm-up: (build up speed during your warm-up.)

2-3 Burpee broadjumps
5-10 Squats (from airsquats to DB)
3-4x 10m Shuttle jog (build up to sprint)
5-10 Alt DB Snatches (build up volume)
3-5 Pushups
5-10 Walking Lunges (start without weight and build up to your workout weight.)

Set your E.M.O.M. timer on 30 cycles of 1 min… 3.2.1..GO!!

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