WOD 14-07-20

////WOD 14-07-20

WOD 14-07-20


“Fran doesn’t like Burpees” (Compare to 19-07-19)

For time:


Thrusters Rx 30/20 Rx+ 40/30 Comp 50/35kg

Rx/Rx+ Pullups Comp Chest to Bar Pullups

Burpees over the Bar

Home WOD


Hand Stand Push Ups (or Box assisted)
Dips (in rings, on a chair or box)
Push Ups

This workout is all pushing but in 3 different angles. Make sure you keep it safe, scale back accordingly.

When you are not that strong with pushing, choose 1 movement you want to focus on more today; work a little harder on.

Start your warm-up slow and easy:

3 pushups
2 dips
1 Handstand Hold

Just work through a few rounds getting comfortable with all your movements and getting the shoulders and arms nice and warm.

Then set a timer; 3.2.1..GO!!

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