WOD 20-03-20

////WOD 20-03-20

WOD 20-03-20

30 min E.M.O.M.

Min 1: Handstand Pushups Rx 3 Rx+ 5 Comp 7
Min 2: Single leg Hip Thrusters L&R Rx 6 Rx+ 8 Comp 10
Min 3: 30s Hollow Body Hold/ 30s Superman Hold

Warm-up, build up your movements for 10-12 minutes. Stretch your shoulders too.
Warm up your Hip Thrusters with 2 legs before 1 and go for 10-15 sec Hollow body- and Superman holds first.
Warm-up the handstand pushups with normal (light) pushups. Make sure it’s safe for you to do the Handstand Pushups inside your house. Otherwise stick to regular pushups in the WOD but perhaps increase/double the reps.

WOD explanation and variations:

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