WOD 21-03-20

////WOD 21-03-20

WOD 21-03-20

For time (24 min TC)

70 Situps
70 Airsquats
800m Run or 4 min run or Jumping jacks
50 Situps
50 Airsquats
600m Run or 3 min
30 Situps
30 Airsquats
400m Run or 2 min

Scale down to 2 rounds of half the reps or 20 to 24 min of work:
10 Situps
10 Airsquats
200m Run or 1 min

The movements in this workout are not very complex, so do a general warm-up. Get warm and sweaty, stretch if you feel stiff….

Movement standards and variations:

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