WOD 22-03-20

////WOD 22-03-20

WOD 22-03-20

7 Rounds for max reps (rest as needed between rounds)

Max Pushups (1 attempt per round)*

*Stay in plank position during your attempt, if you need to hang with the hips down or push them up or back, your attempt is over.

Scale back to 3 attempts per round, try to minimize your rest within your round.

If you can’t do 15 pushups in 3 attempts, scale down to pushups from the knees.

Warm-up 3-4 rounds:
2-3 inchworms
15s Samson Stretch L
15s Samson Stretch R
3-5 Pushups (maybe from the knees first)
Arm rotations L&R to supple up the joints.

WOD explanation, movement standards and options:

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