WOD 22-05-20

////WOD 22-05-20

WOD 22-05-20


For time:


Boxjumpovers 24”/20”
DB Snatch
DB Bent over Row

After each round 400m Run

Home WOD


Boxsteps/jumps 24”/20”
DB/KB Snatch
DB/KB Bent over Row

After each round 400m Run or Jumping jacks: 50-40-30-20-10.

General warm-up first:

3 rounds of

5-10 Boxsteps/jumps
10 KB/DB Swings (Overhead if safe)

Then 3 rounds to decide on the weight and tactics:

6-10 DB/KB Snatches
6-10 DB/KB Bent over Rows

If snatches is to difficult with the weight you have, make clean and jerks instead.

Set your timer: 3.2.1..GO!!

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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