WOD 23-03-20

////WOD 23-03-20

WOD 23-03-20

10 Rounds AHAP*

10 Straight leg or weighted situps
10 tempo Air- or weighted squats 2-3-X
20-30 sec extended bridge hold Comp up to 1 min

*Go As Heavy As Possible on all stations. So today we are not looking for speed, but trying take the time to go as heavy and challenging as you can on each exercise.

Warm-up doing 3-4 rounds building up the movements (and weights during the rounds)
5-10 normal situps to straight leg/weighted
3-5 tempo Airsquats (add weight)
10 second superman hold (face down to the floor). Last round do the extended bridge hold.

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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