WOD 25-03-20

////WOD 25-03-20

WOD 25-03-20

Death by (20 min E.M.O.M)

1 Ball/Bag Squat Clean
1 Mountain Climber (R, L, R, L)

2-2/ 3-3/ 4-4/ 5-5/ 6…….

*if you can’t fit your reps within the minute anymore, go down to a number which you can keep up for the remaining time for the 20 min.

This workout build-up inside the protocol. Most important to get warm and sweating; Run, jump, burpee etc. Once warm and sweating, stretch your hips and practice your movements for a few cycles:

3 Ball/ Bag Squat Cleans

3 Mountain Climbers

Set your E.M.O.M. Timer to 20 minutes and 3.2.1..GO!!

WOD explanation, movement standards and options:

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