WOD 26-06-20

////WOD 26-06-20

WOD 26-06-20

WOD (Hot weather; prepare accordingly)

30 min E.M.O.M.

Min 1: AMRAP Cal Bike
Min 2: 5 Deadlifts Rx 80/55 Rx+ 100/70 Comp 160/110kg
Min 3: Rest

Home WOD (Compare to 01-05-20)

A: Running drills

B: 2x 800m Run (or 2x 4min)

3x 400m Sprint (or 3x 2min)

4x 200m Sprint (or 4x 1min) *(Rest as needed between sprints)

Follow the running drills instructed by coach Aviv in the WOD video before you start the workout!

Then set a timer/use a watch or phone that you can take with you.

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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