WOD 27-06-20

////WOD 27-06-20

WOD 27-06-20


“The Rehab 600”

100 HR Push Ups

100 High Hang High Pull 24/16kg KB

100 Squats 24/16kg KB

100 Strict Press 24/16 kg KB

100 Bent Over Row 24/16kg KB

100 Squats 24/16kg KB

Note: Official version don’t put KB down on ground @ Squats any carry is allowed.

Competition: Mandatory Alternating 10 Le and 10 Ri on SP and BOR

Home WOD (Compare to 02-05-20)

10 Rounds AHAP

5 Bent over Rows L&R
5 Seated Presses L&R
10 Plank Complex

No weights?: Bent over rows are scalable to pullups or towel/table pulls. Seated presses can be replaced by (handstand) pushups, any variation.

Go as challenging as possible on the movements. If you only have light weight available; double the reps.

Warm-up with light weight or bodyweight first and it is always good to get that heartrate up with some cardio; run, row, bike, swim, burpee, jump… When building up the weights and movements do 4-5 rounds of 3-5 reps building-up.

Then set your timer and 3.2.1..GO!!

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:


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