WOD 28-06-20

////WOD 28-06-20

WOD 28-06-20


30min of work

18 Cal Row
9 Boxjumps 24”/20”
6 Pushups (Handstand Pushups)
3 Atlas Ground to shoulder AHAP

Home WOD (Compare to 03-05-20)

7 Rounds, starting a round every 3 min

21 Alt Lunge steps (with DB)
15 Alt Snatches
9 Burpees o/t Object (If your working time exceeds 1:30/1:40, scale down your reps to 15-12-9)

This workout is about working fast, having smooth movement paterns and minimizing the time between exercises.

In this workout you will be needing supple movement from the hips on all 3 exercises.
Start with a longer stretch session:
1 minute hipopener into 1 minute pigeon stretch R and 1 minute L.

Then warm up 3 rounds
3-5 burpees
6-10 Lunge steps (no weight)

Then with weight (build it up if possible)
6-10 Lunge steps
6-8 Alt Snatches
Do a test round, (maybe 12-9-6,) practice your transitions.

Set your interval timer to 7 cycles of 3 minutes.

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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