WOD 29-05-20

////WOD 29-05-20

WOD 29-05-20


40 min E.M.O.M.

Min 1: 17/15 Cal Row Comp 20/17
Min 2: 4 Tireflips AHAP
Min 3: Max Reps Double Unders
Min 4: Rest

Home WOD

10 Rounds:

10 Bent over Rows 5L/5R
20 Suitcase Deadlifts 10L/10R

For this workout the core needs to be activated and the system needs to be warm.

So run, jump, bike, row and do some sit-ups or V-ups.
10min warmup: rounds of 400m Run and 10-15 situps.

Then practice the movements and build up the weight if needed.

Then just set your timer; 3.2.1..GO!!

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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