WOD 29-06-20

////WOD 29-06-20

WOD 29-06-20


20 min AMRAP

200m Run
10 DB Snatches R
10 DB Snatches L
Rx 20/15 Rx+ 25/17,5 Comp 30/20kg

Home WOD (Compare to 04-05-20)

20 min E.M.O.M.

3-5 Strict Pullups
7 Boxjumps/Steps
20 Double Unders (Substitute the pullups for 5-10 table- or towel pulls, or bent over rows 5L/5R)

In an Every Minute On the Minute workout it’s important to start on a level where you work for about 40 seconds in the first few minutes. Once the exhaustion hits your system, you still have some time left to keep making those rounds without having to scale back in the middle of your workout, which still happens sometimes.

Start by jumping your rope for a few minutes (4-5) or run/jog if you don’t have a rope. Practice some Double Unders the last 2 minutes.

Now build up from boxsteps to boxjumps and from 1-3 reps pulling to 3-5 reps.
Switch between pulling and boxjumps for about 3-4 rounds.

After this, do 1-2 test rounds to see how your setup, options and reps are working out and how long it takes.

Set your interval timer to 20 min E.M.O.M., and 3.2.1..GO!!

Workout explanation, movement standards and options:

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