WOD 31-07-20

////WOD 31-07-20

WOD 31-07-20

(Compare to 05-08-19)

40 min of work:

2 Rope Climbs Rx+ Legless Comp L-sit
4 Strict press AHAP
6 Boxjumps 24”/20” Rx+ 8 Comp 10
Cal Row Rx 12/10 Rx+ 16/14 Comp 20/18

Home WOD

1->10 reps of strict pull ups (or towel/table pulls)
10->1 reps of burpees
*After each round of pull ups and burpees perform
3 (assisted) pistol squats R+L
3 shrimp squats R+L

Warm-up by stretching the legs, hips, knees and ankles properly; pigeon stretch, hipopener, Samsonstretch.

Then build up from Airsquats to assisted pistols (and then maybe to pistols).

The shoulders and pullups should warm-up slowly with the flow of the workout.

Set a timer; 3.2.1..GO!!

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